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We Buy Homes - Questions

Who is We Buy Homes?

WeBuyHomes.com and 1-800-WeBuyHomes as an association that maintains a large network of professional real estate investors.  We connect sellers and buyers who look for properties to re-sell for a profit.

Can you Buy My house Fast? I need Foreclosure help!

Yes, our investors are fully ready able and willing to buy your property!  We often can stop the foreclosure process within a few days of auction.

How much will you pay me for my property?

Our Members are experts in determining a price they can pay for your property.  They are familiar with your neighborhood and will make a win-win offer for your property.  Generally, our members buy houses for about 80% or less of market value of the property.  The figures fluctuate, depending on the condition of the property and its local market conditions. Most members buy for resale.

Do I pay a Real Estate or sales commission?

No, we are not realtors and We Buy Homes does not collect a real estate commissions.

Are your Members Flippers?

Because of the recent popularity of TV shows showcasing property turnovers one could say that.  Usually, our members are not "owner users" and they will never live in the property.  The majority have been "flipping" houses longer than the TV trend has been around.  They are well funded are are not amateurs when it comes to remodeling.

How long will it take to close?

Closing dates will be determined by the agreement reached between you and our member.  In some instances our sellers have closed in less than a week!

What if I don't like the price they offer?

You are under no obligation to accept the price they offer.

What if my home needs extensive repairs?

Our members primarily acquire properties "as is" for all cash.  They are experienced when it comes to home remodeling and repair. They purchase homes in need of repair, remodel them to correct the problems and put them back on the market - giving you the freedom to sell your property fast without repair headaches.

So how does it work?

You simply call 1-800 WeBuyHomes (or fill out the form on our home page).  You will be connected to the member working in your local area.  They will ask you questions about your property - the size, number of bedrooms and condition etc.  Based on the current market conditions and repair estimates they will then make you and offer to purchase your property.  If the offer is acceptable to you, they will purchase your property and handle everything from there.  They will pay all of the normal title and closing costs.  It is very fast and easy.  We close usually in 14 to 20 days.